Moving forward, back in time

As you may have noticed with my Facebook posts this week, I have done more with my special project, thanks to the abundance of time I now have, of photographing every Roman Catholic church in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Well, on Wednesday, I found out about a particular church that has not been in service since the early 1990's: St Peter and Paul in East Liberty.

I found out about this structure by a random google search of abandoned places in Pittsburgh. I read that it was bought in 2014 and there have been several efforts to renovate it, but alas, it still stands empty, rising above East Liberty nonetheless.

Upon closer inspection from beyond the fence that was installed around the perimeter, I see this:

A woman passing by explained that the city plans to demolish this structure. I'd like to take this opportunity to say what a shame that would be. For such a historic landmark and a place that has meant so much to so many people for so long to be demolished just doesn't seem fair. Even if the Diocese of Pittsburgh does not activate this place of worship, at least fix it up and open it to the public. Allow those who desire a place like this for silence and prayer the opportunity to use it for its intended purpose.


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