Cars and Cannons!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

This week has certainly been busy! With my parents in town and my nephew graduating high school, I haven't gotten around to putting anything together from my shoots last weekend! To start, my dad came up to the 'burgh during the final few days of May and on June 3, we did the "Bold and Beautiful" run that the Western PA Triumph Association held. The run crossed over 6 historic bridges. What's so bold about that, you ask? Well, considering one of the bridges is a privately owned toll bridge and another was built in 1849 (no, not a typo, I really did mean BEFORE the American Civil War) then I think you can agree it was very bold!

ABOVE: Newell Toll Bridge crossing the Ohio River into West Virginia. Privately owned, tolls are charged one way, 75 cents.

BELOW: Jennings Randolph bridge.

ABOVE: Wheeling Suspension Bridge, built in 1849! Cars are advised to keep 50 feet between vehicles and traffic lights at each end are programmed specifically to control the number of cars on the bridge.

It was a pretty awesome run, overall! The next day, after taking care of mowing the lawn, I headed down to the Three Rivers Arts Fest at the point, where some of my favorite photographers (such as Dave Dicello) had booths set up. While I was there, I came across the Fort Pitt Museum, where they were doing live demonstrations of an actual Revolutionary War cannon!

Quite the display! Apparently, when photographing cannons, timing is long as you don't jump too far when it goes off!

That's it for this week...hopefully I'll be out and about with some soccer photography later this month so stay tuned for that!


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