A Thanksgiving to Remember?

Well, what a Thanksgiving break. I got to spend it back in Cape Coral, FL, where of course I had my camera on me! I've been wanting to get that cool shot from high up on a roof using a long exposure to get streaks of headlights. You know, like this one, from Dave DiCello (@DaveDiCello on Twitter):

So, here is my own attempt, from the roof of Hotel Indigo in Downtown Fort Myers, FL:

I actually began wondering why on earth these pictures sucked. Then I realized...lack of traffic. So, I simply panned my camera around to view the bridge over the Caloosahatchee River and BAM!

Not quite the perfect effect I wanted, but still an excellent shot! Anyway, the next day was Thanksgiving! We went out to Sanibel Island for dinner. On the way there I told my dad to pull off the side of the causeway between the island an mainland to get awesome pictures like these:

And on our way back home:

and then we finally arrived home, where, well, let's just say I went from sports photographer to nature photographer to forensic photographer in less than a week.....

SURPRISE! A water line in our house broke.

Look, the water is even dripping off of the kitchen light! (This was only after we came home to a waterfall out my front door and a fire hose spewing water from the wall down onto everything)

Precious pictures :( But most are okay from that bottom box!

So, yeah, we then endured two days of THIS:

Yes, the carpeting was ruined in the entire place :(

My poor dog was traumatized.....she was probably underneath the kitchen table when it started raining...inside.

So yeah, I'm not sure if that was a Thanksgiving to remember, or a Thanksgiving to forget, but oh boy was it a Thanksgiving alright!

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