0ct. 13, 2019 Cisneros Family Portraits

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

On Sunday, before returning from my Florida vacation with my amazing fiancee, Meghan, I had the opportunity to see a great friend that I had not seen in several years, as well a his girlfriend, Kamryn, and their absolutely beautiful baby girl, Avery. Climber and I met while I was a freshman in high school. He was the jock that a nerd like me would never hang around. I was the nerd that a football player like him would usually taunt. But some friendships just go beyond the stereotypes and prove that if you only get to know someone before judging them, they just might mean something to you!

Despite my lack of experience in family photography, the lighting was perfect and Climber and Kamryn were the cutest couple I had ever seen! Not to mention little Avery was just ever-so-curious about what was going on, which made for some very interesting expressions!